Catalytic and Electrocatalytic Systems and Processes

Research Catalytic and Electrocatalytic Systems and Processes

The aim of the research group “Catalytic and Electrocatalytic Systems and Processes” (Prof. Franken) is to develop and explore novel catalyst and process systems to improve the sustainability of the chemical industry. A special focus is on the sustainable production of basic chemicals with CO2 as feedstock (Powert-to-X), the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through exhaust gas treatment or ways to directly process CH4 into liquid energy carrier or reusable basic chemicals. For this purpose, both the catalyst and the process are mutually adapted to achieve the most efficient result. Typically, this is done in a cyclic process on three levels: 1) The catalyst synthesis and optimization of the properties by adjusting the composition, properties and surface. 2) Process optimization through process engineering analysis of the operating parameters and kinetic considerations. 3) Gaining understanding by in-situ and operando characterization of the catalysts during different operating parameters. The findings at all levels are used iteratively to advance understanding-based catalyst and process optimization.


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