Reactor design


Tailored equipment is designed and constructed in close collaboration with the CRT workshop. Continuous gas- and liquid-phase reactors range from ambient to 900 °C temperature, from ambient to 200 bar pressure and from 1 mL min-1 to 1 m3 h-1 volume flow. The reactor portfolio includes fixed-bed reactors, fluidized-bed and trickle-bed reactors. For the determination of intrinsic kinetics gradient-free gas-phase reactors are available (BERTY-design). Separation combined with reaction is possible in in-house developed membrane reactors utilizing monolithic supports and dedicated membrane coatings (developed in collaboration with RWTH and HEREON). Liquid-phase systems can be investigated in falling-film and gas-liquid contactors. All setups are fully automatized and able to operate 24/7.

Selected publications